Many of our clients sell our shirts at tournaments and similar special events. We offer special tournament packages that allow our clients to return a portion of their order after the tournament is over without any restocking fees. The steps involved are outlines below:

1. Inform us of your tournament/event as far in advance as possible and indicate when the package needs to arrive.

2. Order 48 or more shirts in any combination of designs and sizes in package quantitities listed in our catalog.

3. We will ship the package C.O.D. company check (package price plus applicable shipping).

4. We will not deposit the C.O.D. check until 4 business days after your tournament/event has ended.

5. After the tournament/event has ended, decide if you wish to return any of the shirts that may be left over.

6. Call us within 3 business days after your tournament has ended with an accounting of the shirts you wish to return.

7. We will calculate the amount of credit or refund due at that time (you indicate preference of either credit or refund check).

8. Immediately return unwanted shirts.

9. Upon receipt of returned shirts we will issue credit or send your refund check back to you immediately.

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